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Personal Trainers

At MPHC, our entire staff is dedicated to making each and every visit to our facility the best experience possible. Not only do we provide friendly, helpful service, we are also home to some of the most accomplished personal trainers in the city!  Looking to lose a few extra pounds, or build up rock hard muscle? Schedule a customized personal training session with any of our certified personal trainers! They’ll use their experience to maximize your results.

Not sure who to go with? Below, you will find the personal bios of our staff of trainers. Find the person that fits your needs and make an appointment today!

personal trainer

Cassie Bednall

HOMETOWN: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
SPECIALIZATION: Functional Fitness: How to feel and move better in your daily life, Deep Core Conditioning, Joint Stability and Mobility, Sport Specific Training, Rehabilitation and Recovery

Teaches Pilates at MPHC on Thursdays and Sundays. She would love to see you there!

Professsional Dancer
Avid Rockclimber
Mediocre but “oh boy this is fun Tennis Player
An Aussie by birth, Vegemite is a staple in her cupboard

    “And one day she discovered that she was fierce. And that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears.”

personal trainer

Juliana Curcio

CERTIFICATIONS: ISSA Personal Training, Mad Dogg Indoor Cycling
SPECIALIZATION: Weight Loss, Strength Training, Strength Conditioning, Aerobic Conditioning, Functional Movement, Nutrition, Balanced Lifestyle

I’m an opera singer. la, la, la
I can make balloon animals
My family has had 9 girls in a row. 4 daughters and 5 granddaughters

“Count your coins, you’re worth more than you think”

personal training manager

Pedro Granados

CERTIFICATIONS: NASM, AFFA Group Exercise, AFFA Kickboxing, TRX, Mad Dogg Indoor Cycling
SPECIALIZATION: Weight Loss, Circuit Training, Functional Movement, Core Stability, Strength Conditioning, Threshold Training

Even though he did not realize it until he was in college at Binghamton Univerisity, health and fitness had always been among Pedro’s core values. After registering for an aerobics class, he came to acknowledge this action as his first step toward giving him the motivation to become a fitness professional.

Since then, he has become certified as a group exercise and kickboxing instructor through AFAA, as well as an indoor cycling instructor through Mad Dogg Spinning. His mentor also introduced him to the study of personal training with the American College of Sports Medicine.

Pedro always gets to know his client and their motivations first so that he can provide them with the best individualized health and fitness plan. When performing exercises, Pedro stresses technique, proper form and safety first. “I’m always learning more about the fitness industry and am eager to share what I learn.”

Has a fraternal twin
Always wearing green
Want to see his happy face? Bring him apple pie!

 “It’s not about what you’re capable of, it’s about what you are willing to endure”

personal trainer

Marc Hochstein

CERTIFICATIONS: American Council On Exercise, CPR – AED
SPECIALIZATION:  Weight Loss, Circuit Training, Boxing, Functional Movement, Core Stability, Strength Conditioning, Assisted Stretching

As an A.C.E. certified personal trainer, Marc has been involved in the fitness industry for over 15 years. His expertise lies in the area of weight loss via strength training.

Furthermore, his knowledge of optimum cardiovascular aerobic exercise rounds out a regimen for novices, as well as for those eager to “shake up” their routines through weight training, boxing, kettle bells, and core work. A veteran at MPHC, let Marc help you reach your fitness goals safely and effectively, while having fun!

Lost over 40 pounds in high school.
Over 20 year of experience as an ACE certified personal trainer.
Marcs enjoys High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) as much as he loves to bake.

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it”

personal trainer

James Hull

SPECILIZATION: General Fitness, Weight Loss, Strength Building , Athletic Conditioning, Anaerobic Training

Addicted to collecting comic books.
Blue Rays fan!
Loves everything pop culture.

“Nothing is impossible as long as you work hard at it”

personal trainer

Dominick Mangine 

HOMETOWN: Fort Myers, FL
SPECIALIZATION: Weight Loss, Functional Movement, Conditioning, Strength Training,

Dominick enjoys long walks on the beach and all things Nike.
Eats two jars of peanut butter every week.

“Nobody said it is easy, but hard work pays off”

personal trainer

Bradley Matthews

SPECIALIZATION: Core Stabilization, Circuit Training, Strength Conditioning, Weight Los

Also works as a paraprofessional for public schools.
Love German Shepherds
Can jog through Central Park

“When you feel like giving up remember why you started”

personal trainer

Ryan Palmer

SPECAILIZATION: General Fitness, Weight Loss, Strength Building, Athletic Conditioning

Played five years of semi-pro football after high school.
Wanted to be a Donut Maker as a child
Is a country boy living in this Big City

“Today is a good day to have a good day”

personal trainer

Michael Jackson

HOMETOWN: Bushkill, PA
CERTIFICATIONS: National Gym Association
SPECIALIZATION: Weight Loss, Circuit Cardio, Strength Training, Rehabilitation, Sports Training

All of Mike’s life, he has had a passion for fitness. That desire drove Mike to become a Personal Trainer through the National Gym Association. Mike has used his knowledge of Fitness to help clients of all ages and physical abilities reach their goals whether it consists of strength training or patient rehabilitation at the Pascak Valley Hospital located in Ridgewood New Jersey. Mike’s passion for fitness is contagious and he doesn’t mind spreading it to you! Fitness brings a quality of life like no other: LIFE, HAPPINESS, HEALTH.

Fun Facts:
The real Michael Jackson
Mike once’s owned a horse named Tyson
Has To Perform one for, of exercise before bed

“Don’t have the mountain in front of you moved, just build up the strength to climb over it”


personal trainer

Terrell Ray 

HOMETOWN: Brooklyn, NY
CERTIFICATIONS: NCSF, TRX, Sports Functional Training
SPECIALIZATION: Weight Loss, High Intensity training, Sports Specific Training, Functional Movement, Core stability

Played Professional basketball in Europe
Dropped 35 pounds over 3 years

  “Speak things into existence”

personal trainer

Lisa Riehle

NAME: Lisa Riehle
CERTIFICATIONS: American Council On Exercise (ACE)
SPECIALIZATION: Strength Training, Flexibility and Corrective Exercise, Senior Fitness,  Prenatal Fitness, TRX

Lisa has fitness certifications from New York University, the American Aerobic Association International, and the American Council on Exercise, which certify her as a personal trainer. Coupled with her education, Lisa’s fitness background comes from five years of personal training and classroom aerobic instruction. Look for her to help you achieve your personal best in fitness training with a focus on body sculpting, strength, and flexibility. Lisa believes physical fitness and peace of mind go hand-in-hand.

Makes the best mac n’ cheese
Favorite movie: Rocky
Happy place: the beach

“Change your results by changing your actions”

personal trainer

Malcolm Rogers

HOMETOWN: Flint, Michigan
CERTIFICATIONS: AFAA Personal Trainer, SCW Aquatic Exercise Specialty, SCW Group Strength Specialty, Annette Lang Integrated Stretching
SPECILIZATIONS: Functional Training, Sports Specific and Flexibility Training (Land and water-based), Aquatic Fitness and Stroke Development.

Seen his aura and saved by an angel from drowning when he was 8 years old.
Loves Notre Dame Football.
Believes that Tron was way better than Star Wars

“Training you for YOU”

personal trainer

Emanuela Villorini

HOMETOWN: Switzerland
CERTIFICATIONS: NASM: Personal Training and Corrective Exercise. IIN: Institute for Integrative Nutrition. CATA: Passive stretching,  FMS: Functional Movement Screening. TRX. ACE: Ace Sports Conditioning Workshop
SPECIALIZATION: Corrective Exercise, Posture and Alignment, Core and Flexibility, Strength and Toning, Passive Stretching.

Fun facts:
Always on the go to learn new things!
She is patient with an edge!
Bring her outside and she’ll fly!

“There are always possibilities, no matter what!”